Producer confidence less positive


The mood among Dutch manufacturers deteriorated somewhat in January. Statistics Netherlands announced today that the producer confidence indicator decreased from 3.4 in December to 2.8 in January, ast producers were less positive about their output in the next three months.

Producer confidence has shown an upward trend since October 2012. In January 2015, confidence among manufacturers is well above its long-term average: 0.5 over the past two decades. In January 2008, the indicator reached an all-time high (9.4), in February 2009 it dipped to an all-time low (- 23.5).


Less positive about future output

In January manufacturers were less positive about their output in the next three months. But they were more optimistic about order books and about stocks of finished products than in the previous month. The number of manufacturers who think their stocks of finished products are too small (positive) still outnumbered those who think they are too large (negative) in view of projected sales.

More output and larger stocks than one year previously

The average daily output generated by Dutch manufacturing industry was 0.6 percent higher in November 2014 than in November 2013. Manufacturers’ stocks of finished products were 2.8 percent up in November 2014 from November 2013. In the past eight months, stocks of finished products have always been larger than twelve months previously.


Capacity utilisation almost unchanged

In the first quarter of 2015, the capacity utilisation rate in manufacturing industry is 80.4 percent against 80.3 in the previous quarter. This is the highest level since the fourth quarter of 2011.


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Producer confidence consists of three component indicators: manufacturers’ opinions on their order positions, their opinions on their stocks of finished products and the projected output over the next three months.