Manufacturing industry expects to invest more

  • 9 percent more investments expected in 2014
  • Great difference in expectations between the sectors
  • Investments in 2013 increased most in the food, drinks and tobacco industry

Statistics Netherlands’ spring survey shows that manufacturers expect to invest 9 percent more this year than in 2013. The expectations for investments in 2014 show great fluctuations between the sectors, however, according to the latest figures released by Statistics Netherlands today.

The food, drinks and tobacco industry, the metal and electrical engineering industry, and  refineries and the chemical industry anticipate the greatest increases in investments.
These three sectors invest by far the most (over 85%) within manufacturing.  Entrepreneurs in other manufacturing industry and in paper and printing, on the other hand, expect to invest less than in 2013.

Manufacturers invested 7.2 billion euros in 2013. This is 2.5 percent more than the year before.
Refineries and the chemical industry saw the greatest decrease, of 0.5 billion euros.
The food, drinks and tobacco industry saw the largest increase, as investments were up by  17% on 2012.