Marginal increase hours worked in temp jobs

29/11/2013 09:30

In the third quarter of 2013, the amount of hours worked in stage A temp jobs was 0.5 percent up from the sector quarter. The modest increase follows five consecutive quarters of decline. The index (2010=100) for the number of hours worked in stage A stood at 98.8. The figures have been adjusted for seasonal variation.

Stage A includes people working for temp agencies on a contractual basis without regular terms of employment. In stage A, it is easier for both parties – temp job agencies and temp workers – to terminate the contract than in the subsequent stages B and C. The seasonally adjusted number of hours worked in stage B and C temp jobs was also up in the third quarter. With 0.7 percent, the growth was in the same order of magnitude as the growth of hours worked in Stage A temp jobs.

Currently, Dutch labour market indicators show a mixed picture. Apart from the number of hours worked in stage A temp jobs, the number of job vacancies also grew marginally. This was the first increase in twenty-four months. Unemployment remains high, despite a reduction of 11 thousand in October. The number of jobs fell sharply in the third quarter. After correction for seasonal variation, the number of employee jobs was 46 thousand down from the second quarter of 2013.

Hours worked in stage A temp jobs

Hours worked in stage A temp jobs

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