Lorries only segment in motor vehicle industry to show marginal turnover growth

In the second quarter of this year, turnover generated by the motor vehicle industry was 16 percent below the level of the second quarter of 2012. Car dealers suffered most. Providers of repair and maintenance services performed relatively well. Within the motor vehicle industry, only lorry sales improved marginally.

Marginal recovery lorry segment

The lorry segment, which predominantly deals with sales and repairs of lorries and trailers was the only branch in automotive industry to realise turnover growth in the second quarter. Turnover grew by nearly 2 percent relative to the second quarter of 2012. Proportionally, the lorry segment also performed best in the first quarter after exceptionally bad results in 2012.

Car and motorcycle sales, 2nd quarter 2013

Car and motorcycle sales, 2nd quarter 2013

Car dealers face substantial loss of turnover

In the car segment, businesses which, partly or entirely, rely on the sale of passenger cars suffered the most substantial loss of turnover. With an annual turnover of nearly 34 billion euros and a market share of approximately 50 percent, car dealers are by far the most important players in the motor vehicle industry. They had to cope with more than 16 percent loss of turnover in the second quarter. With a 31 percent loss of turnover, importers of new cars were faced with even more disappointing results.
Car repair shops faced a more modest loss of more than 5 percent. Car part retailers managed to retain the same turnover level as in the second quarter of 2012; they lost 1 percent. The slump in the motorcycle market continues. In the first quarter of this year, the loss was 19 percent, in the second quarter nearly 9 percent.

Number of bankruptcies grows by more than 30 percent

In the second quarter, 60 businesses in the motor vehicle industry went bankrupt, an increase by one third relative to the second quarter of 2012. More than 28 thousand businesses, employing 150 thousand people, are active in the motor vehicle industry. They generate a total annual turnover (excluding VAT) of approximately 65 billion euros.

Ron Duijkers