Decline private sector investments less substantial

20/06/2013 09:30

The volume of private sector investments in tangible fixed assets was down 9.9 percent in April 2013 from  April 2012. The decline is less substantial than in March, when private sector investments were down 14.1 percent from one year previously.

April had one working day more in 2013 than in 2012. March, on the other hand, had one working day less than one year previously. Figures on private sector investments are not adjusted for the effect of the number of working days.

By means of six indicators, the Investment Radar shows whether circumstances for Dutch private sector investments have become more, or less, favourable and which factors played a crucial part in these developments. According to June’s Investment Radar, improvements and deteriorations balance each other out.

Private sector investments in tangible fixed assets (volume)

Private sector investments in tangible fixed assets (volume)

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