Number building of permits drops further

  • 37 percent fewer building permits in first half of 2012
  • Fewer permits for owner-occupied homes in particular
  • Permits for in market sector over 70 percent down on 2006
  • Decrease in permits across all provinces

Figures published by Statistics Netherlands today put the number of permits granted for the construction of new dwellings at nearly 17 thousand. This is 37 percent lower than in the same period last year. The number of permits for the construction of owner–occupied homes in particular has fallen sharply, by 45 percent. For homes in the rental sector 17 thousand fewer permits were granted.

The number of new dwellings for which a building permit was granted has been decreasing since it peaked in 2006. This is mainly caused by the market sector. In the first half of 2012 permits were granted for just under 11 thousand new dwellings. In the first half of 2006 this was still more than 38 thousand. The number of permits granted to local authorities and housing corporations decreased more slowly in this period.

In line with the national trend, the number of new homes for which building permits were granted was lower than in the same period in 2011 across all twelve provinces. The size of the decrease differs, however. The fall in the province of Limburg was smallest at 11 percent, while the province of Utrecht showed the largest decrease: 56 percent.