Theft or burglary account for half of registered crime

The police registered 1.19 million crimes last year, about as many as in 2010. More than half were thefts or burglaries.

Stolen bikes still in top 5

In total registered crime, 56 percent concerned theft or burglary. Last year’s top 5 of thefts included: theft from cars, bike thefts, housebreaking, shoplifting and pickpocketing.

Thefts from cars constitute the most common type of theft. According to the police, this type of theft was reduced by 5 percent last year relative to 2010. The number of stolen cars dropped byy 6 percent.

Top 5 thefts and burglaries

Top 5 thefts and burglaries

More burglaries and pickpocketing

The number of thefts of regular and light mopeds rose by 6 percent in 2011 compared to 2010. Shoplifting and street robberies both increased by 3 percent. There was a notable increase in registered cases of housebreaking and pickpocketing. Both types of offences grew by 8 percent last year.

Housebreaking mainly a problem in major cities

With nearly 5,400 registered cases, Amsterdam tops the list with respect to housebreaking and thefts from houses, although the number declined relative to 2010. Altogether, the number of registered burglaries exceeded one thousand in 15 Dutch municipalities in 2011. The number of burglaries registered by the police soared in the municipalities of Almere, Zoetermeer and Enschede in 2011.

Burglaries and theft from houses

Burglaries and theft from houses

Harry Eggen