More young Wajong benefit recipients

01/03/2012 15:00

The number of under-27 Wajong (Income Provision Act for Disabled Young People) claimants has grown further in the first six months of 2011, but the number of completely disabled among Wajong recipients has declined.

75 thousand young people receive Wajong benefits

By the end of June last year, 75 thousand under-27s received Wajong benefits, i.e. nearly 4 thousand more than at the end of 2010. The increase relative to June 2007 is 25 thousand. The number of young Wajong claimants has risen for a considerable period of time now.

More young men than young women receive Wajong benefits. The figures for mid-2011 were 42 thousand men and 33 thousand women and the relative amounts have been fairly stable over the years.

Under-27 Wajong recipients

Under-27 Wajong recipients

Proportion of completely disabled reduced

In June last year, 90 percent of Wajong benefits to young people under the age of 27 were completely disabled, a reduction relative to early 2010 when 98 percent of Wajong benefits went to completely disabled young people. This might be due to the introduction of the new Wajong Act effective from 1 January 2010. The new act focuses on finding and keeping work and the medical examination requirements are less rigid. Nevertheless, the absolute number of Wajong benefits granted to completely disabled young people has grown marginally in June 2011 relative to January 2010.

Over 80 percent of young Wajong claimants suffer from mental disorders or show behavioural problems.

Wajong benefits paid to under-27s by level of disablement

Wajong benefits paid to under-27s by level of disablement

Godelief Mars