Selection of Statistics Netherlands releases in the period 19-23 December 2011 (Week 51).
Publication (in Dutch) at 9.30 hrs.

  Reporting period  
Monday 19 December   
Costs of university degree   2010  
Tuesday 20 December   
Private sector investments   October 2011  
Consumer confidence survey 1)   December 2011  
R&D spending by companies   2010  
Wednesday 21 December   
Prices of existing houses   November 2011  
Benefit dependants   2010  
Young people and crime   2010  
Education levels of children and parents   2009  
Thursday 22 December   
Jobs and wages of employees 1)   3rd quarter 2011  
Consumer spending 1)   October 2011  
Population forecast   2060  
Regions where population moves away   2008  
Economic growth (2nd estimate) 1)   3rd quarter 2011  
Friday 23 December   

1) Including Flash.  
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