Turnover retail sector 3 percent up

  • Turnover growth and higher prices at the petrol stations
  • Sales supermarkets and non-food shops marginally up

According to the latest figures published by Statistics Netherlands, retail turnover grew by 3.0 percent in February relative to the same month last year. Price increases in the retail sector averaged more than 2 percent, turnover volume increased nearly 1 percent.

Petrol stations accounted for half of turnover growth in the retail sector. Turnover was nearly 14 percent up from one year previously, mainly due to a price increase by nearly 12 percent at the petrol stations. Turnover volume was 2 percent up.

The turnover generated in the food sector was 1.5 percent higher in February, largely due to higher food prices. Supermarkets realised a turnover growth by nearly 2 percent. Specialist food shops grappled with declining sales.

Non-food shops achieved a turnover growth by nearly 2 percent in February from the same period last year. The level of food prices was 0.5 percent higher. Volume grew by more than 1 percent. Household appliances shops performed best in the non-food sector (more than 7 percent up in February), but textile supermarket sales dropped by 7 percent.