European rules regarding cabotage transport

Since 14 May 2010, new European directives regarding cabotage transport apply:

Hauliers will now be restricted to doing a maximum of three cabotage jobs in 7 days, subsequent to a loaded international journey. On the return home following an international journey, if the driver enters another member state without cargo, they can carry out one cabotage job within 3 days of that entry, providing it is still within the original limit of 3 jobs in 7 days.

Hauliers in the Benelux countries can still continue to carry out cabotage operations after 14 May 2010 (when the new cabotage came into effect) without restrictions in the Benelux area.
Cabotage with Romania and Bulgaria is as yet not allowed by all EU member states. Only the Netherlands, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden allow cabotage transports. The other member states still disallow cabotage transport with Bulgaria and Romania until 1 January 2012