Unemployment down for sixth month in a row

  • Unemployment has declined by 6 thousand a month since March
  • Fewer young unemployed than twelve months ago
  • Increase job seekers in higher-level occupations
  • Unemployment benefits also down for sixth consecutive month

According to the most recent unemployment figures released by Statistics Netherlands, 386 thousand persons were unemployed in August 2010. Unemployment is obviously subject to seasonal variation. After correction for seasonal variation, 414 thousand persons were unemployed, a decline by 12 thousand relative to July.

Figures published by the Public Unemployment Agency (UWV) show that the number of persons in search of employment and the number of unemployment (WW) benefits have dropped for the sixth month in a row.

Unemployment further down

Seasonally adjusted unemployment has dropped by an average of more than 6 thousand a month over the past six months, whereas in the preceding six months, unemployment increased by an average of more than 9 thousand a month.

Nevertheless, the number of unemployed was still higher than one year ago. In August, unemployment was still 16 thousand above the level of August 2009, but in the age category 15−24, unemployment had dropped by 9 thousand from one year ago.

Marginal decline number of persons in search of employment

According to data published by the UWV, the number of unemployed job seekers (nww) fell by 2 thousand in August to 492 thousand. The decrease was predominantly found among people seeking jobs at elementary, lower or secondary level. The number of job seekers at higher and university level grew. This is mainly due to an increase in the number of job seekersin teaching and education-related professions, a recurrent phenomenon in summer.

Far more WW benefits terminated due to resumption of work

Compared to the previous month, the number of current WW benefits fell in August 2010 by 4 thousand to 281 thousand. The number of WW benefits terminated in August due to resumption of work grew by 6 percent tot 36 thousand. In August, 19 thousand WW benefits were terminated as a result of work resumption, a 20 percent growth relative to July . The number of new WW benefits grew by more than 4 percent to 31 thousand.

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