Less industrial waste as a result of recession

Dutch industry produced 16.6 million tonnes of waste in 2009. This is 2.1 million tonnes (over 10 percent) less than in 2008. One of the main reasons for the reduction was the lower production in nearly all sectors of industry.

Reduction in industrial waste by sector

Reduction in industrial waste by sector

The amount of waste generated by the sectors mineral extraction, chemical industry and basic metal industry was nearly one third down on 2008. The waste concerned is mainly (slightly) contaminated soil, slag and slag sand. In mineral extraction, lower production was not the only reason for the reduction in the amount of waste. Drilling for oil results in contaminated soil. In 2008 a considerable volume of contaminated soil from previous years was removed. This accounts for the large difference with 2009.

Nearly 15 million tonnes of waste are recycled, more than 10 percent (1,9 million tonnes) less than in 2008. The remaining 1.7 million tonnes are dumped or incinerated. These methods of waste processing remained constant compared with 2008.

René Jolly