House rents up 1.6 percent

The amount of rent Dutch tenants pay for their homes was 1.6 percent higher on 1 July 2010 than one year previously. This is the equivalent of an average increase of 7 euro per month. It is the second smallest rent increase since 1960. Only in 2007 was the rent increase smaller.

Legally permitted rent increase

After correction for rent increases as a result of new tenancies, the rent increase was 1.2 percent. This equals the level of increase permitted under Dutch law on 1 July 2010. The extra 0.4 of percent point rise is the result of rent harmonisation.

Rent levels and inflation

Rent levels and inflation

Rent increases about the same in four largest cities

The increase in rent was about the same in the four largest cities. In Utrecht and The Hague, rents increased by 1.7 percent, in Amsterdam and Rotterdam by slightly less: 1.6 percent.

Largest increases in Drenthe and Groningen

Rent rises were most substantial in the provinces Drenthe and Groningen, where they increased by 1.9 percent. The main reason for the increase was the large number of new tenancies. The rent increases in North Brabant and Limburg were below the national average, at 1.5 percent.

Commercial landlords raise rents by more

Commercial landlords increased their rents by 1.4 percent in 2010, after correction for new tenancies. This is a slightly larger increase than that imposed by non-commercial landlords; their rents rose by 1.2 percent.

Rent levels per province and in the four large cities

Rent levels per province and in the four large cities

Average monthly rent highest in Flevoland

With an average monthly rent of 538 euro, the province of Flevoland has the highest rent levels. One of the reasons for this is the young housing stock in this province. Tenants in Friesland pay the least rent, an average 406 euro per month. The average monthly rent in the Netherlands is 457 euro.

Tenants in the four large cities pay least in Amsterdam and most in Utrecht. The average floor area of rented homes in Amsterdam is smaller than that in Utrecht, however.

Properties rented out by commercial operators are in a more expensive segment than those rented out by non-commercial landlords. This is reflected in the average monthly rent rates of 540 euro and 430 euro respectively.

Average monthly rent

Average monthly rent

Bert van Zanten