Price decrease houses less substantial

According to the price index of existing owner-occupied houses – a joint publication by Statistics Netherlands and the Land Registry Office – prices of houses sold in April 2010 were on average 2.2 percent down on April 2009. The decrease was less substantial than in March, when house prices were 3.5 percent lower than one year previously. After a period of price decreases of around 5 percent, prices dropped less rapidly in the past three months.

All types of existing owner-occupied homes were cheaper than one year previously. Prices of flats fell the least: by 0.6 percent. Prices of semi-detached and detached houses, which are usually more expensive, dropped by no less than 4.5 and 2.9 percent respectively.

Friesland was the only province to show an increase in residential property prices. Dwellings in Friesland were 0.6 percent more expensive than one year previously. Across all other provinces, house prices were lower than in April 2009. With 4.2 percent, prices dropped most in the province of Zeeland.

Prices of existing residential property were 0.8 percent up on March 2010. The most substantial price increase was recorded in the province of Overijssel, where prices rose by 1.4 percent. Zeeland was the only province where prices dropped. In this province, houses were 1.9 percent cheaper than in March.

Over 11 thousand existing houses were sold in April, an increase by about 10 percent compared to April 2009. Sales improved for all types of houses. The most substantial price increase was recorded for detached and semi-detached houses. 

Prices owner-occupied dwellings

Prices owner-occupied dwellings