Sustained unemployment growth

  • Unemployment increase 126 thousand in the span of one year
  • Notable increase in the category over-45 males
  • UWV signals above-average growth number of technical job seekers
  • Fewer new unemployment benefits, more benefits terminated due to resumption of work

According to the most recent data released by Statistics Netherlands, an average of 441 thousand people (5.7 percent of the labour force) were unemployed Netherlands in the period December 2009–February 2010, as against 4.1 percent one year  previously. Figures from the Institute for Employment Benefit Schemes (UWV) show that the number of unemployed job seekers continues to grow at an above-average rate, particularly in lower-level technical jobs. The amount of new unemployment (WW) benefits plummeted by 17 percent. The amount of WW benefits terminated due to work resumption grew by 8 percent in the span of one month.

Monthly increase 9 thousand over the past six months

Unemployment adjusted for seasonal variation amounted to 441 thousand in the period December 2009–February 2010, i.e. an increase by 5 thousand relative to the previous three-monthly period. As unemployment surveys are carried out on a sample basis, more accurate figures can be obtained by monitoring over a longer period. In the past six months, unemployment rose by an average of approximately 9 thousand a month.

In the period December 2009–February 2010, the number of unemployed rose by 126 thousand relative to the same period one year previously. In recent months unemployment has grown significantly among over-45 men.

More job seekers at lower and secondary level

The UWV reports an increase in the amount of unemployed job seekers by nearly 5 thousand to 527 thousand in February 2010. The increase mainly occurs at the lower and secondary levels. Just like in the preceding months, the amount of job seekers in lower technical jobs grew above average.

Fewer new WW benefits, more benefits terminated due to resumption of work

In February this year, 42 thousand people applied for new WW benefits at the UWV, 17 percent fewer than in January. The current number of unemployment benefits rose to 329 thousand. The number of WW benefits terminated in February was approximately the same as in January and the number of WW benefits terminated because of work resumption increased by more than 8 percent to 19 thousand.