Decline in number of temp hours levels off

The number of hours worked in temp jobs dropped by 2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2009 relative to the third quarter. Adjusted for seasonal variation, the index figure (2005=100) for the number of hours worked in stage A was 103.2, as against 105.5 in the previous quarter. In the first two quarters of 2009, the number of temp jobs in stage A fell by 6 and 5 percent respectively compared to the preceding quarter. With a decline by 3 percent, the situation was less dramatic in the third quarter.

The number of hours worked in temp jobs has been in decline for eighteen months. The decline tallies with the current stage of recession. Temp agencies are the first to be affected by a diminishing demand for goods and services. The rate of decline is currently slowing down.

Stage A includes persons working for temp agencies on a contract basis without regular terms of employment. In stage A, it is easier for both parties – employer and employee – to terminate the contract than in the subsequent stages B and C. While the amount of stage A hours dropped at a slower rate, the amount of stage B and C temp hours dropped more rapidly than in the third quarter.

Hours worked in stage A temp jobs

Hours worked in stage A temp jobs

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