Growing number of AOW recipients settle abroad

In June 2009, one in ten old age pensioners (AOW recipients) lived abroad, as opposed to one in fifteen a decade ago. The number of persons entitled to AOW living outside the Netherlands has risen by more than 80 percent to 268 thousand over the past decade. In more than 90 percent of cases, it concerns incomplete AOW benefits.

Most AOW recipients abroad live in Belgium and Spain. In June this year, 55 thousand people in Belgium and 42 thousand in Spain received an AOW benefit

The number of AOW recipients living in Turkey and Morocco rose considerably. In June 2009, more than 19 thousand benefits were paid in Turkey and nearly 11 thousand in Morocco. For both countries this is 3.5 times as high as a decade ago. An obvious explanation is that a growing number of Turks and Moroccans entitled to AOW return to their country of birth.

Increase in number of AOW benefits

Increase in number of AOW benefits

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