Prices public transport rise more rapidly than car costs

09/04/2009 15:00

The Dutch spend 11 times as much on cars as they do on public transport, but public transport rates rise faster. In January 2009, public transport prices increased by 3.5 percent, the largest price increase since January 2004. Prices for the use of public transport facilities were 37 percent higher than in 2000. Similar price developments are observed in train, urban and regional transport.

Costs related to car use vary more than public transport costs. This is caused by unstable prices for motor fuels. In January 2009, car costs were 18 percent up on 2000. Last year, car costs rose to a record high due to soaring motor fuel prices.

Fuel costs comprise more than 30 percent of total car costs. Other factors are purchase price, maintenance costs, insurance, road tax rate and parking fees. Parking fees have risen most steeply. In January 2009, parking fees were 62 percent higher than in 2000. The road tax rate increased by 16 percent. With 1.3 and 12 percent respectively, parking and road tax do not contribute substantially to overall car costs. Purchase and maintenance costs make up approximately 40 percent of total car costs.

Prices public transport versus car costs

Prices public transport versus car costs

Leo Peeters