Retail turnover up

Retail turnover was more than 2 percent higher in January than one year previously. The increase in turnover was mainly a result of the price rise. Turnover volume almost equalled its level in January 2008.

Developments in retail turnover are influenced by the shopping day and holiday pattern. In January 2009 this pattern was more favourable than in January 2008. After correction for this effect, turnover was about 1 percent higher than in January 2008, while the turnover volume decreased by approximately 1 percent compared with one year previously.

Turnover varied strongly between the different retail sectors. Shops in the food sector generated over 10 percent more turnover. The items sold cost 5.5 percent more than in January 2008. It was supermarkets alone which accounted for the increase in turnover, specialised shops in the food, drink and tobacco sector faced a turnover loss on twelve months previously.

In the non-food sector, turnover dropped by 3 percent. Prices virtually equalled their levels in January 2008. Turnover decreased in all segments, except for chemist’s and clothes shops. DIY stores and home furnishers suffered most.

Retail turnover

Retail turnover