Immigration reaches record level

24/12/2008 15:00

Net population growth in the Netherlands numbered 76 thousand people in 2008, nearly 30 thousand more than in 2007. The strong growth is the result of an immigration surplus, the first in five years. A record number of 140 thousand immigrants came to live in the Netherlands in 2008. The number of labour migrants from the European Union rose particularly strongly. The number of emigrants was slightly lower than in 2007, at 120 thousand.

The rise in the number of births also contributed to population growth. The downward trend that started at the beginning of this century has been reversed. In 2008, 185 thousand babies were born in the Netherlands, 4 thousand more than in 2007. Natural population growth (births minus deaths) was 52 thousand, slightly higher than in 2007.

Natural growths accounted for two-thirds of population growth in 2008. The migration surplus accounted for one third.

Births, deaths and migration

Births, deaths and migration