Providers of business services more pessimistic

Dutch providers of business services became more pessimistic in November. They were less optimistic about their future turnover. On balance, 5 percent of the providers of business services expected to generate more turnover in the next three months, as against 21 percent one month previously.

Business service providers were very sombre about employment in their branch. On balance, 8 percent of business service providers expected staff layoffs in the next three months. 

The number of business service providers reporting an increase in turnover in the last three months was nearly equal to the number reporting a decrease. Entrepreneurs indicated employment increased in their branch in the past three months.

The mood about the economic climate deteriorated marginally. Altogether, 38 percent of business service providers labelled the economic climate as ‘highly unfavourable’ in November, against 36 percent in October. Prior to October, business service providers were positive about the economic climate.

As from October 2008, the index “opinions on orders received” is no longer the main topic. It has been replaced by “opinion on the economic climate”, as a result of changes in the Dutch Business Cycle Survey. Some questions have been removed, e.g. “opinion on orders received”.

Opinion on economic climate in business services

Opinion on economic climate in business services