Unemployment hardly changed

20/11/2008 09:30

Seasonally adjusted unemployment in the Netherlands stood at 294 thousand for the period August – October 2008. This is 3 thousand up on the previous three-monthly period July-September. Over the past six months, unemployment fell by an average of approximately 2 thousand a month.

Unemployment in the period August – October was 31 thousand down on the same period last year. With 22 thousand, the most substantial decrease was recorded in the 25-44 age group. Unemployment also decreased among over-45s. 

An average 3.6 percent of the total Dutch labour force was unemployed in the period August - October, compared with 4.0 percent in the period August - October 2007. With 4,3 percent, female unemployment was noticeably higher than male unemployment (3.0 percent).

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted  

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted