Providers of business service becoming more gloomy

The mild optimism among business service providers turned to pessimism in October. They were undeniably negative about the economic climate. Altogether, 36 percent of them called the economic climate ‘bad’ in October. In September, 5 percent called the state of the economy ‘good’.

The number of business service providers expecting to generate more turnover in the next three months still exceeded those anticipating a decline. But this majority is smaller than one month ago.

The number of business services providers who expect employment in their branch to expand dropped sharply. In October, a net 2 percent expected to recruit more staff in the next three months, as opposed to 21 percent in September.

As from October 2008 “opinion on orders received” is no longer the main topic of this report. This has been replaced by “opinion on the economic climate”, as a result of changes in the Dutch Business Cycle Survey. Some questions have been removed, among which “opinion on orders received”.

Opinion on economic climate in business services

Opinion on economic climate in business services