Marginal improvement retail turnover

16/09/2008 15:00

Turnover in the retail sector in July 2008 was more than 5 percent up on the same month last year. The increase was largely due to a more favourable shopping day pattern compared to July 2007. After correction for this effect, turnover growth was less substantial (just over 1 percent). Articles sold by retailers cost just over 2 percent more. Corrected for differences in the shopping day pattern, the volume of sales indeed decreased slightly relative to the same month one year ago.

Shops in the food sector generated a turnover growth by more than 10 percent in July. The substantial price rise and the more favourable shopping day pattern fully accounted for the increase. Turnover in the non-food sector rose by nearly 3 percent relative to July 2007. On balance, selling prices remained the same in this sector. All branches in the non-food sector, except consumer electronics shops generated more turnover.

With 59 percent, non-food shops contributed most to retail turnover in 2007. Shops selling food products, drinks and tobacco contributed 36 percent. Mail-order companies and street market retailers accounted for a modest 5 percent of total retail turnover.

Retail turnover

Retail turnover