Law more popular among first-year undergraduates

In the study year 2007/’08, nearly 117 thousand undergraduates embarked on a bachelor’s degree course in higher education, a 17 percent increase relative to 2002/’03. The number of first-year law students has grown significantly. The enrolment rate has risen by 74 percent over the past half decade. Marketing and public relations studies have also gained popularity (67 percent more first-year students), but teacher training courses appear to have become less popular.

Training courses for vocational education teachers, on the other hand, have lost popularity among first-year students compared to five years ago. In 2007/’08, the enrolment rate was one quarter down on five years ago. The number of first-year students in teacher training courses for technical vocational education was even reduced by more than half over the past five years.

Number of first-year undergraduates in higher education, 2007/’08

Number of first-year undergraduates in higher education, 2007/’08

With over 11.4 thousand enrolments in 2007/’08, management and personnel administration were by far the most popular among first-year undergraduates in higher education.