Culture and society no longer most popular subject cluster among havo-4 girls

31/07/2008 15:00

Culture and society profile than in the preceding school years (more than 50 percent). The Economics and society profile is now favourite among havo-4 girls. In the school year 2007/’08, 39 percent of them opted for the Economics and society profile as against 28 percent in 2006/’07. The profiles Natural sciences and health and Natural sciences and technology also became more popular among girls. There is also a minor shift among male pupils, who less often chose the Culture and society profile.

Profile choice of havo-4 girls

Profile choice of havo-4 girls

The shift is possibly due to the introduction of the new second stage in the school year 2007/’08. Maths and economics are no longer compulsory subjects in the havo profile Culture and society and as a result pupils’ options in higher vocational education (hbo) are reduced. For many hbo studies, knowledge of maths and/or economics is a prerequisite.

Bron: StatLine, VO; deelname naar herkomstgroepering