Business service providers slightly less optimistic

27/05/2008 15:00

In May, most business service providers again are optimistic about the future, but since January the positive mood has been in decline. The number of business service providers expecting to receive more orders and to generate a higher turnover in the next three months still exceeds those anticipating a decline, but their preponderance is diminishing.

Business service providers expect employment in their branch to expand. On balance, 13 percent expect to hire more staff in the next three months, as opposed to 21 percent in April. Over one third of business service providers report that staff shortage is hampering production growth. 

Dutch business service providers were pleased with the number of orders they received in April. On balance, 16 percent evaluate the number of orders received as ‘good’, given the time of year. This percentage is slightly lower than in the preceding months. Providers of business services are also positive about the economic climate in general, but for the fifth month in a row they were less enthusiastic than in the preceding month. 

Opinion on orders received in business services

Opinion on orders received in business services