Recreational (day) trips

(Day) trips are recreational activities lasting for at least two hours outside the house and without an overnight stay. Visits to family, friends and acquaintances are not regarded as day trips. Trips made during holidays are also excluded.

Recreational trips include the following activities:
• Going out, e.g. visit bars, pubs, dining out, going to the theatre, disco, etc.;
• (Recreational) sports;
• Recreational shopping;
• Visiting interesting locations or events;
• Spectator or assistant sports events;
• Sunbathing, swimming, picnicking, camping, etc.;
• Sightseeing tours by car, motorcycle, moped, bus, boat, etc.;
• Other activities (clubs, hobbies).

Data are based upon the Recreation Survey. For this survey, respondents report how many day trips they make and what activities are involved. The survey is conducted by telephone.

Spending during day trips includes the cost of transport, snacks and drinks and entrance fees.