Trade with Estonia considerably down

08/05/2008 15:00

In 2007, there was a substantial downturn in goods trade between the Netherlands and Estonia. After joining the European Union in May 2004, goods trade with Estonia has shown an upward trend during the first three years. 

Imports from Estonia dropped by 29 percent to 203 million euro, partly due to the decline in imports of fuel oil by 85 percent relative to one year previously. The Netherlands predominantly imports petroleum products, paper, cardboard, cork, wood, coal and furniture from Estonia. 

Exports to Estonia fell by 17 percent to 430 million euro. This is partly the result of a strong reduction in exports of microprocessors (– 80 percent). The Netherlands mainly exports electrical appliances, cars, telecommunication equipment, vegetables, fruit and petroleum products (in particular fuel oil) to Estonia.

Trade with Estonia 

Trade with Estonia