Half of low-income households struggle to make both ends meet

In 2006, more than 1 million Dutch households (15 percent) indicated they found it (very) hard to make both ends meet. Half of the 660 thousand low-income households were struggling to live within their means.

Lack of financial means frequently becomes evident if households postpone certain payments or fail to comply with their finacial obligations. Nearly two thirds of low-income households did not have enough money to replace worn-out furniture. Nearly 60 percent could not afford a one-week holiday once a year and about half of Dutch households living on low incomes did not buy new clothes regularly, because their financial situation did not allow it. More than 10 percent could not heat their houses properly. Three quarters of households above the low-income threshold have sufficient financial means to cover these expenses.

Financial limitations of Dutch households, 2006


Bart Huynen