Retail turnover 2.5 percent up in December

Retailers booked 2.5 percent more turnover in December 2007 than twelve months previously. Prices were just over 1 percent higher than in December 2006. Turnover volume grew by just over 1 percent.

The unfavourable shopping day pattern had a negative effect on turnover growth. December 2007 had one Friday fewer, but one Monday more than December 2006. Friday is an important shopping day, particularly in the food sector. After an approximate correction for shopping days, retail turnover grew by over 4 percent. This is a robust growth rate.

Turnover in the food sector increased by 5 percent in December. Price rises accounted for about half of this growth. Turnover volume in the food sector was just over 2 percent higher than in December 2006. Turnover in supermarkets rose by more than 6 percent. Turnover in specialist shops selling food, drink and tobacco remained about the same.

At nearly 1 percent, turnover growth in the non-food sector was far less substantial than in the food sector. Within the non-food sector, hardware stores and shops selling consumer electronics had the highest growth rates. However, clothes retailers, textile supermarkets and home decoration stores realised less turnover than in the previous year.

Overall in 2007, retail turnover was almost 4 percent up on 2006. The growth of total retail turnover is much lower than in 2006. In 2007 both the food and non-food sectors realised higher turnovers. Within the retail sector the turnover of Internet retailers (including mail order companies) in particular increased. Compared with 2006 their turnover was 10 percent higher.

Retail turnover

Retail turnover