Internet telephony rising fast

Figures released by Statistics Netherlands show that 74 percent of Dutch households had a fast internet connection at home in 2007. Five years ago this was only 15 percent. There has been a substantial increase in telephoning via the Internet in particular. In addition television and radio via the Internet are becoming more popular. Online shopping also continues its strong growth. 

One quarter of Internet users make calls via the Internet

In 2007 one quarter of people make telephone calls via their PC, with the aid of Skype or MSN Messenger for example. Two years earlier this was still only 6 percent. People younger than 25 years in particular use these relatively new Internet services. With the increase in Internet telephony, fewer people are communicating via chatrooms. Radio and TV via the Internet are also becoming more popular. More than 40 percent of Internet users listen to the radio or watch TV programmes via the Internet. Two years ago this was one quarter.

Online shopping continues to rise strongly

More and more consumers are ordering and buying goods via the Internet. Last year the number of online buyers rose by 1 million. In 2007 7.5 million people in the Netherlands have bought at least one product via the Internet. This is more than twice the number five years ago. Internet users between 25 and 45 years in particular buy goods and services online.

Rise in broadband slowing down

Nearly three-quarters of Dutch households now have a fast Internet connection. The number of broadband connections rose particularly strongly between 2003 and 2005. In the last two years the increase has slowed down. Two-thirds of households with broadband Internet have an ADSL connection.

In addition to PCs, households increasingly use other equipment to access the Internet. More than one in five households access the Internet via a mobile telephone, palmtop or game computer.