Upward trend in household spending continues in April

Household spending on goods and services rose by 2.0 percent in April 2007 relative to April 2006. It is the most substantial increase so far this year, but the increase is below the average over 2006. This is almost entirely due to the low level of natural gas consumption. Dutch households spent 1.1 percent more on goods; spending on services increased by 2.7 percent, according to the latest figures published by Statistics Netherlands. 

Spending on durable goods considerably up

Household spending on durable goods rose by 6.4 percent in April relative to one year previously. Household spending on clothes and shoes was particularly high. With 0.9 percent, the increase in spending on food, drinks and tobacco remained modest. 

Natural gas consumption also low in April

In April households spent nearly 40 percent less on natural gas relative to April 2006. In comparison to the preceding months, spending on natural gas was less substantial in April, but the low gas consumption had a restraining effect on total consumption growth of approximately 0.7 percentage points.

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