More furniture sold

24/05/2007 15:00

After a lean period, home furnishing shops are back on track. In 2006, turnover grew by 8 percent compared to the preceding year.

Across-the-board increase retail trade

Retail turnover improved significantly in 2006 relative to 2005. Consumer spending rose as labour market conditions improved and the economy picked up. Sales of durable goods increased. In retail, home furnishing shops achieved the best results.

Turnover increase in third quarter

From the third quarter of 2005 turnover of home furnishing shops picked up again. Sales went up, prices remained more or less stable. In the second quarter of 2006, turnover improved by no less than 11 percent relative to the same period one year previously. The growth continues over 2006 and into the first quarter of 2007.
Between 2002 and the first six months of 2005, home furnishing shops suffered substantial turnover losses, mainly because sales dropped.

Turnover home furnishing shops

Turnover home furnishing shops

Decrease home furnishing outlets

The number of home furnishing outlets decreased by 14 thousand to more than 5.8 thousand between 2000 and 2006 and largely affected soft furnishing shops. The downward trend is predominantly caused by the closing down of small specialised soft furnishing shops.

Number of home furnishing outlets

Number of home furnishing outlets

Arjan van Loon and Noortje Urlings