Unemployment on lowest point in four years

In the period February-April 2007, the seasonally adjusted unemployment figure stood at 379 thousand, a reduction by 17 thousand relative to the period January-March.  In previous months seasonally adjusted unemployment hardly changed. Unemployment has not been this low in four years. 

Compared to the same period one year previously, unemployment was 72 thousand down in February-April. Unemployment declined in all age groups, but was most substantial among 25-44 year-olds. In this age group unemployment was reduced by 55 thousand.

The male unemployment rate dropped by 0.9 percent point on the same period twelve months previously and stood at 4.1 percent. In the period February-April, 6.1 percent of the female labour force were unemployed. This is 1.3 of a percent point down on the same period last year.

In relative terms, the highest unemployment rate is still for young people. Almost 10 percent of the 15-24 year-old labour force are unemployed.

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted