Lower natural gas consumption keeps down consumption growth

According to the latest figures published by Statistics Netherlands, Dutch households spent 0.6 percent more on goods and services in the first month of this year than in January 2006. They spent 0.6 percent less on goods, because natural gas consumption was reduced on account of recent mild weather conditions. Households spent 1.8 percent more on services.

More money spent on food and durable goods

Household consumption on food, drinks and tobacco went up by 1.4 percent in January relative to one year previously. The consumption of durable goods was 3.8 percent higher. Households spent more money on clothes and household appliances, but the increase in spending on durable goods slowed down compared to the preceding months.

Natural gas consumption down by one quarter

Due to January’s mild weather conditions, the consumption of natural gas was reduced by one quarter compared to January 2006. As a result, total spending in the category other goods was 8.1 percent lower. Next to natural gas, the category other goods includes books, plants, cosmetics and motor fuels. The amount saved on natural gas is not directly refunded to the consumer, but deducted from the final instalment amount.

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