Consumption up in March

In March 2006 Dutch households spent 2.7 percent more on goods and services than in March 2005. As in the preceding months, consumption on durable goods showed the strongest increase. Monthly consumption figures have been adjusted for price changes and for differences in shopping day patterns.

Households spent 5.6 percent more on durable goods than a year before. Consumers spent more on new cars, home furnishings and electronics. The expenditure on food, beverages and tobacco was equal to the year before. Consumption on goods was 4.1 percent higher than the year before. Households spent 1.3 percent more on services.

Household consumption in the first three months of 2006 was considerably higher than the year before. Household consumption and exports were a major impulse for the economic growth in the first quarter. 

The new system of health care insurance, introduced in 2006, has consequences for the consumption figures. Adjustments were made for this: monthly figures in 2006 are exclusive health care. More information is found in a Focus article “The effect of the new health insurance system on the key economic indicators” published on March 24, 2006.

Domestic household consumption (volume)

Domestic household consumption (volume)