Robust growth exports to Bulgaria and Rumania

Dutch exports of goods to candidate EU member states Rumania and Bulgaria increased significantly in the period 2000–2005. Exports to Rumania doubled and exports to Bulgaria rose by almost 85 percent. Figures on imports from both countries were less impressive.

Restricted share in total exports

Although exports to Rumania and Bulgaria are increasing, their shares in total Dutch exports remain marginal. Exports to Rumania amounted to 825 million euro (0.3 percent of total Dutch exports) in 2005. Exports to Bulgaria were worth 299 million euro (0.1 percent of total Dutch exports of goods).

Trade with  Rumania

Rumania: exports of machinery and imports of clothes

In 2005, exports to Rumania, largelyy machinery (particularly computers and cars) rose by 22 percent. The export value of machinery increased by 32 percent, compared to 2004. A substantial part of the export of computers and cars are re-exported.
In 2005, imports from Rumania totalled 444 million euro, 4 percent down on 2004. Clothes are Rumania’s main export product to the Netherlands, worth 77 million euro. Other products imported from Rumania are furniture, shoes and vessels.

Trade with Bulgaria

Bulgaria: growing imports and exports

Exports to Bulgaria – mainly machinery – increased by 4 percent. The value of exports to Bulgaria totalled 133 million euro in 2005. Nearly 60 percent were computers and cars. Imports of machinery rose by 20 percent last year.
Imports from Bulgaria increased 4 percent in 2005 to reach 118 million euro; the share of clothes is worth 40 million euro.

Wiel Packbier