Trade with Argentina picking up

The Netherlands is a net importer in trade with Argentina: imports from this country are worth three and a half times as much as exports to Argentina. Both exports and imports recovered in 2005 from the relapse  in 2000-2002 when the Argentinian economy was in severe recession.

Exports: chemicals and telecommunications

Last year Dutch exports to Argentina represented a value of  234 million euro, up from 203 million euro in 2004. In spite of the recovery, exports are not yet back at their level of 1999. Indeed they are not very much higher than their level in 1980 (165 million euro).
Nearly two-thirds of exports to Argentina were accounted for by chemical, medicinal and pharmaceutical products and  telecommunications equipment.

Trade with Argentina

Trade with Argentina

Imports up by a quarter

The value of imports from Argentina was 25 percent higher in 2005 than in  2004, at 836 million euro. This is twice as high as in 1980 (390 million euro). Argentina takes a modest 42nd place in the ranking of import countries. 

Foodstuffs account for over half of imports

The Netherlands imported 470 million euro worth of foodstuffs and cattle feed from Argentina last year. This accounts for just over 56 percent of the total value of imports from Argentina. The share of cattle feed has risen substantially in recent years. At the moment more than a third of total imports consist of cattle feed. Vegetables, fruit and meat together account for nearly 20 percent.

Imports from Argentina, main products

Imports from Argentina, main products

More Argentinian wine

In 2005 8.5 million litres of Argentinian wine were imported into the Netherlands. This is just over 3 million litres more than in the previous year. The share of Argentinian wine in total Dutch wine imports is now 2 percent. Five years ago it was 1 percent. Argentina is eleventh on the list of countries the Netherlands imports wine from.

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