More rented housing built in 2005

Some 67 thousand new homes were completed in the Netherlands in 2005, 3 percent more than in 2004. The increase is entirely on account of the rental sector. The number of houses built for owner-occupiers fell slightly. The number of residential building permits issued increased for the fifth year in succession.

Slight growth for residential construction

The number of homes completed rose by 1,700 in 2005. This is a considerably smaller increase than in  2004, when 5,700 more homes were built than in the previous year.

Nearly 2,800 more dwellings were completed in the rental sector in 2005. However, the number of owner-occupied homes completed fell by 1,100. One in four completed homes is for the rental sector.

Largest growth in North Holland

Of all provinces, North Holland had the largest growth rate in 2005. Nearly 1,900 more homes were completed in this province than in 2004. Utrecht was second with an increase of nearly 1,700. Utrecht had the largest growth rate in relative terms, namely 35 percent. In Flevoland, North Brabant, Friesland, Gelderland and Drenthe housing production was lower in 2005 than in 2004.

Increase in building permits continues

Building permits were issued for more than 83 thousand dwellings in 2005. This is 9 percent tore than in 2004.  The number of residential building permits issued has been increasing yearly since 2001.

The increase was strongest in the province of Groningen, at 65 percent. In Overijssel, too, the increase was considerable. Here the number of building permits for new homes rose by 35 percent. In Flevoland, South Holland, Friesland and Gelderland fewer permits were issued than in 2004.