Consumption up in August

In August 2005 the volume of domestic consumer expenditure by households was up by 0.8 percent on August 2004. Households spent 1.1 percent more on goods and 0.6 percent more on services. Consumer expenditure shows a slight upward trend throughout the year according to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands. The figures are adjusted for price changes and shopping day patterns.

More spent on goods

The growth rate in expenditure on goods in August was the highest so far in 2005. Expenditure on durable goods was up by 1.7 percent on August 2004. Clothing, household appliances and home furnishings were especially popular in August 2005. Consumers also spent more on other goods. Consumption of food, beverages and tobacco, however, was down on the year before.

Upward trend in 2005

Domestic consumer expenditure went up slightly throughout the first eight months of the year. During the first five months consumers spent less than during the first five months of 2004, but the differences became smaller and smaller. This was followed by three months of increasing growth. However, the growth in consumer expenditure in June, July and August 2005 was modest and not enough to compensate for the first five months.