Value of imports and exports up in March

The Netherlands traded more goods with other countries in March 2005 than in the same month last year. According to figures from Statistics Netherlands, the value of exports was 24.1 billion euro, 6 percent up on last year. Imports were 5 percent higher than in March last year, at 20.8 billion euro. Part of the increased value was accounted for by higher prices of imports and exports. On the other hand, March 2005 had one working day fewer than in 2004. 

Strong growth in trade with non-EU countries

The Netherlands exported goods worth 5.3 billion euro to countries outside the European Union in March 2005. This is 10 percent more than twelve months previously. Exports to EU countries rose by 5 percent in the same period, to 18.8 billion euro. Goods entering the Netherlands from non-EU countries in March 2005 totalled 9.0 billion euro, 8 percent more than last year. Imports from EU countries amounted to 11.9 billion euro, 2 percent higher than March 2004.

Growth in foreign trade slower in first quarter

In the first quarter of 2005 the values of both imports and exports were 8 percent higher, at higher prices. These growth rates are significantly lower than those in the second half of 2004. In that period the values of imports and exports were around 14 percent higher than in the same period twelve months previously.

Sharp rise in exports to Czech Republic and South Korea

The increase in exports to the Czech Republic and to South Korea were noticeably high in the first quarter of 2005: 65 percent and 56 percent higher respectively than in the fist quarter of 2004. The Czech Republic bought mainly machines, while South Korea received manufactured products.  Imports from Slovakia rose by 50 percent in the first quarter of this year. More machines in particular were imported from this country.

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