Nearly 480 thousand unemployed in the Netherlands

In the period November 2004–January 2005 there were on average 479 thousand people unemployed in the Netherlands, according to the most recent figures published by Statistics Netherlands. In the past three months an average 6.4 percent of the Dutch labour force were unemployed. One year ago 6.0 percent were unemployed.

Unemployment marginally down after adjustment for seasonal effects

In the period November 2004–January 2005 the average number of unemployed was 479 thousand. In the period October–December 2004 there were on average 473 thousand unemployed. A rise in unemployment is common in the period November–January compared to October–December. This is partly due to a reduced demand for labour in the sectors agriculture, construction and hotels and restaurants. The rise in the past three months is, however, smaller than a year ago. Thus, unemployment in the period November 2004–January 2005 is, after adjustment for seasonal effects, approximately 6 thousand below the level in the period October–December 2004. The decrease comes after three consecutive periods of rising unemployment.

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