One in ten cars are company cars

Just over 10 percent of the 7 million cars on Dutch roads are registered to a company. These company cars are mostly new and run mainly on diesel oil or LPG.

Cars by year of construction

New cars

One quarter of cars younger than five years are company cars. For the newest cars - registered in 2002 - this is even 40 percent. Once they are older than five years, most of these cars are sold on to private owners. Only 11 percent of all company cars are more than five years old.

Diesel and LPG

Just over 85 percent of all privately owned cars run on petrol motors. For company cars, half have petrol engines, while 43 percent have diesel engines and 6 percent run on LPG

Diesel engine cars by year of construction

There is a strong correlation between the use of diesel and LPG for company cars and the number of kilometres they cover. Company cars are used for about twice as many kilometres a year than privately owned cars, namely 30 thousand compared with 15 thousand.


More expensive and heavier cars are more likely to be registered to a company. Sixty percent of privately owned cars weigh less than 1,050 kg. Fewer than 20 percent of company cars are in this category. More than half of company cars weigh more than 1,250 kg.

Cars by weight class, 1 January 2003

Huub Coninx

Source: StatLine