Imports from Asia down 6 percent

For Dutch imports, Asia is the most important region of the so-called emerging markets. In 2002 more than 60 percent of imports from the emerging markets came from this region. The value of imports from this region fell by just over 6 percent in 2002, mostly because of decreasing imports from Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea.

Imports from emerging markets per region

Total goods imports from emerging markets also fell by just over 6 percent last year. The proportion of imports from emerging markets in Asia in total Dutch imports was unchanged in 2002 compared with 2001, at 11.8 percent.

Imports from Philippines up sharply

Imports from the Philippines rose substantially in 2002: by 24 percent, to 2.4 billion euro. More microprocessors in particular were imported from this country.

China has been the main goods supplier in Asia since 1998. Imports from this country remained about the same in 2002 at 8.9 billion euro. Computers, telecommunications equipment, clothing and other electronics are the main products imported from China

Main imports

Together, computers, microprocessors and computer components account for nearly half of Dutch imports from emerging markets in Asia. Most computers and computer components are imported from China and Taiwan. Microprocessors come mainly from the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Imports from emerging markets in Asia

More goods imported from central and eastern Europe

While Dutch imports from emerging markets were lower than one year previously in 2002, those from emerging markets in central and eastern Europe rose. Last year the Netherlands imported 8.6 billion euro worth of goods from this region, just over 3 percent more than in 2001. The share of emerging markets in central and eastern Europe in total Dutch imports rose by 0.4 of a percent point to 4.2 percent. Russia is the main trading partner in this region. Three-quarters of Dutch imports from Russia consist of petroleum and petroleum products.

Fewer imports from Latin America

The Netherlands imported 3.9 billion euro worth of goods from emerging markets in Latin America in 2002. This is 9 percent less than in the previous year. The share of this region in total Dutch imports fell slightly. Brazil is the main Latin American goods supplier, accounting for more than half of Dutch imports from this region. The main imported products are meat and meat products, vegetables, fruit and cattle feed.

Sharp fall in imports from the Middle East

Imports from Iran and Saudi Arabia fell by 29 percent in 2002, to 1.8 billion euro. The decrease was caused by smaller imports of crude petroleum. The share of these countries in overall Dutch imports fell to 0.9 percent.

Imports from South Africa down by a quarter

South Africa is the only emerging market in the region of Africa. Declining imports of coal pushed down imports from this country by nearly a quarter to 0.8 billion euro.

Wiel Packbier