Exports to emerging markets

Just over 4 percent of total Dutch exports go to the so-called emerging markets in central and eastern Europe, making this region the main export region in the emerging markets. Dutch exports to emerging market countries were 13 percent higher in this region in 2002 than in 2001. This resulted in an export value of 9.7 billion euro.

Exports to emerging markets in central and eastern Europe

Exports to emerging markets in central and eastern Europe

The value of exports to Turkey rose by 19 percent in 2002 compared with 2001, making Turkey the strongest growing market in central and eastern Europe.

Exports to Hungary, Russia and the Czech Republic rose by 13, 15 and 17 percent respectively. Exports to Poland, the largest market for Dutch goods exporters in this region, rose least strongly by 6 percent.

Exports to emerging markets by region

Exports to emerging markets by region

Slight rise in exports to Asian markets

Dutch exports to emerging markets in Asia rose by 1 percent last year to 6.4 billion euro. The share of these countries in total Dutch exports is nearly 3 percent. Within Asia, only exports to China, Indonesia and South Korea rose in 2002. Exports to China in particular rose strongly: Dutch companies exported one quarter more goods to this country in 2002 than in 2001. Exports to South Korea also grew substantially, by 15 percent.

Exports to Latin America lower

The Netherlands exported 1.6 billion euro less worth of goods to emerging markets in Latin America last year. This is just over 8 percent less than in 2001. The share in total Dutch goods exports remained unchanged at 0.7 percent. Within this region, Brazil is the most important trading partner, followed by Mexico. Exports to Brazil fell by 9 percent in 2002, to 0.7 billion euro, while exports to Mexico grew considerably, by 18 percent.

Middle East and Africa

Exports to emerging markets in the Middle East grew by 12 percent to 1.2 billion euro in 2002. Three-quarters of these exports go to Saudi Arabia.

The value of goods exported to South Africa, the only country in Africa selected as an emerging market, was 0.7 billion euro in 2002, 10 percent down on 2001.

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