Highest agri-production by market gardeners

Total agricultural production in the Netherlands was 2 percent lower in 2002 than in 2001. The market garden sector accounted for the largest share of agricultural production.

Production by horticulture, livestock farms and arable farms

Production by horticulture, livestock farms and arable farms

Market gardeners oust cattle farmers

For years in the Netherlands, livestock farming was the agricultural sector that produced most. Since 2001, however, this is no longer the case. There are still many more cattle farms than horticultural businesses. In 2002 there were 17 thousand horticultural enterprises, compared with over 44 thousand cattle farms.

Horticulture in South Holland

South Holland is the province with the highest horticultural production. This is because most horticultural businesses are located in this province. Horticulture accounts for 80 percent of agricultural production in South Holland; agricultural production in this province is now higher than in North Brabant, where production has fallen because of the reduction in intensive livestock farming.

Arable production per province

Arable production per province

Most arable farming in Zeeland

Dutch arable farming is concentrated in the province of Zeeland.

In 2002 about 18 percent of arable production came from arable farms in Zeeland. Moreover, more than half of agricultural production in the province is generated by arable farms.

Folkert van der Werf