Manufacturers' selling prices continue to rise

The Dutch manufacturing industry increased the selling prices of its products by 1.6 percent in February 2003 compared to January, the most substantial increase since September 2000. The price of exported products rose significantly by 2.0 percent, domestic selling prices by 0.9 percent. The prices of oil products had a marked impact on the increase in selling prices. If the price developments on the oil market are not taken into account, February’s price rise is 0.4 percent, for both domestic and foreign sales.

Prices of intermediate consumption also higher

Manufacturers had to pay 1.1 percent more for raw materials and semi-manufactured products in February than in January; raw materials and semi-manufactured articles produced in the Netherlands cost 0.7 percent more, whereas imported raw materials and semi-manufactured products cost 1.4 percent more than in January.

Prices of intermediate consumption rise more sharply than selling prices

The increase in February put selling prices at 7.3 percent above the level of February 2002 and for the first time above the level of October 2000.

On an annual basis, prices of intermediate consumption rose more sharply in February than selling prices. The price level of intermediate consumption in February was 9.5 percent up on the same month of the previous year.

Corien Ooms