Households spending more on electricity

Dutch households spent an average 867 euro on energy in 2000. Gas accounted for 57 percent of this amount, electricity for the remaining 43 percent. Spending on electricity has increased substantially. Energy spending accounted for 3.5 percent of the total household budget in 2000.

Electricity spending up one quarter in three years

Spending on electricity rose from 290 euro in 1997 to 372 euro in 2000, an increase of 28 percent. The main reasons behind this increase are substantial increases in the price of electricity and higher use by consumers.

Spending on gas and electricity, 1997 and 2000


Higher rates

The average price of electricity rose from 0.10 euro per kWh in 1997 to justover 0.12 euro per kWh in 2000. This strong increase was partly caused by the rise in energy tax rates.

More electricity used

Households used just over 5 percent more electricity in 2000 than in 1997:3,083 kWh and 2,924 kWh per household respectively.

Less gas

The amount of gas they used fell, however: by 7 percent from 1,901 m3 perhousehold in 1997 to 1,764 m3 in 2000. Part of this decrease wasbecause 2000 was warmer than 1997. In addition the number of homes withinsulation has also increased further.

Tenants versus owners

Owner-occupiers use more electricity than tenants of rented houses. This is because home owners usually have larger houses than households who rent, and more persons per household. More over they have more appliances that use a lot of electricity such as dishwashers, tumble dryers and freezers. In 2000 the use of electricity consumption by owner-occupiers was nearly 70 percent higher than that of tenants who rented their homes. They also used more than 40 percent moregas.

Use of electricity and gas, 1997 and 2000

Electricity consumption by home-owners rose in the period 1997-2000, while among tenants it remained about the same. The increases is connected with the stronger increase in the ownership of tumble dryers and dishwashers among owner occupiers. In addition more and more home owners are switching from gas toelectric cookers, a phenomenon that also contributed to the stronger decrease inthe consumption of gas by home owners.

Hub Erkens